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Back in early 2003, drifting in New Zealand was just emerging from the underground into the world of motorsport. Several teams of drifters from all over New Zealand got together seeing a need for a hub of communication to organise and regulate drifting events on the circuit and bring drifting out from its hiding place on the back streets. The Drift Club of New Zealand was born! With its mission: To Promote and Educate Drifting in New Zealand in a Safe Environment. 


It’s been a long and hard road for D1NZ to get drifting to where it is today. With special thanks to Justin Rood, Brendon White, Frank Liew, Thomas Chen, Phil Smurthwaite, Dan Teeboon, Dion Yandle, Louise Freckleton, Brent Humphry, Reo Yoshimizu, Matt Gill, Craig Palmer, Brent Kemble and many other equally as valuable people, not to mention all the drivers. D1NZ has fulfilled most of its objectives and developed drifting into a National Championship with supporting events such as Drift Schools D2NZ and DTNZ.


Drifting has come along way in New Zealand already, when back in January 2003 at Taupo Raceway we held the first D1NZ National Drifting Championship Round. Now in conjunction with Motorsport New Zealand, we are into our 8th Championship with drifting now having become a truly professional motorsport, we are now attracting big names from overseas such as Rhys Millen. We have national TV coverage and large organisations requesting drifting as an essential part of their events.


With drifting accelerating so rapidly into the forefront of world motorsport and media, we are faced with ever increasing challenges to assure drifting gains its rightful place at the top. Many new video games are marketed through drifting, there is even a movie “Tokyo Drift” which put drifting forefront around the world; it’s safe to say that the world has taken notice and drifting is the way forward. “The best thing you can do with your clothes on” - drifting really is sex on wheels.